About Ryan Clark


An Artist From The Get Go

I started out very young with art. At five, I attended art school with my mom, enjoying pottery, drawing, and airbrush classes. In Grade School, I always volunteered to help with anything that had to do with drawing, painting, or art. My love of art followed me into Junior High and High School. By my Junior year in High School, I was making basic web sites for clients. At that time, e-commerce wasn’t a thing and not everyone had an e-mail. I was one of the few who knew exactly what I wanted to do for a living… Graphic Design. When I graduated from the University of Oregon, I had nearly 85 credits in art more than required for an MFA. All through my attendance at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon and at the University of Oregon, I maintained a growing pool of design clients.


My Design Path

I have had the pleasure of working with people with many types of businesses: Painters, Glass Blowers, Merchants, Designers, Musicians (up-and-coming and famous), General Contractors (construction and other home services), NASA (Yeah… THAT NASA!), Educational Institutions, Non-profits, and other Graphic Designers.


When I’m Not Designing

When I am not working for you, I like to refinish furniture, read books, play xbox, and most of all, spend time with my loved ones here in the Ozark’s.